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lthough the original edition of Trap-Lines North is long out of print, many copies still exist.

Original printings of the book can often be found at online used booksellers such as Amazon and auction sites such as EBay. Google up "Trap-Lines North" and you may see copies for sale from time to time from other used booksellers as well. Most seem to be old library copies. 

They aren't cheap though! Prices can run up to several hundred dollars for an early printing in good condition. You might get lucky and find one at a library sale or rummage sale. Brian paid 50 cents for his copy at a garage sale!

The great news is that reprinted editions  are available from at least two sources, described below.

Nakina Public Library

The Nakina Public Library sells a specially-reprinted, paperback edition. They received permission to do a single printing of the book to celebrate Nakina's 70th anniversary in 1993. However, the supply is dwindling, so you may want to check with the library before ordering. To order a copy, send your name, mailing address, and a check for $20 (US or Canadian) to the Nakina Public Library at the address below.

Nakina Public Library
Box 300
Nakina, ON, Canada
P0T 2H0
Phone: (807) 329-5906
Fax: (807) 329-5984

Southern Skies

Southern Skies is a project undertaken by three men whose collective dream it has been to republish the works of Stephen W. Meader. So far, they have published new editions of eleven of Meader's classics, including Trap-Lines North. They offer a hardback edition at $35 US and a paperback edition at $20 US. Click the link below to go to the Southern Skies web site where you can order the book and see what they've been up to. 

| Southern Skies |

Thanks, guys--my hat is off to you for making this dream a reality and bringing these great books back for old and new readers!