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ther sources of information regarding Trap-Lines North, the Vanderbeck family, and the Nakina, Ontario area are listed here.

Nakina Township

Nakina's own web site is no longer up. Go to the Municipality of Greenstone site below for information.

Municipality of Greenstone

| Municipality of Greenstone |

Nakina was amalgamated with several other nearby communities into the Municipality of Greenstone. Nakina, Geraldton, Beardmore and Longlac remain separate communities. The purpose of the amalgamation was to strengthen the area's socio-economic base.

Nakina Public Library

| Nakina Public Library |

There's a new web site for the Nakina branch of the Greenstone Public Library system.  There is also library contact information on the The Book page.

Northland Outfitters

| Northland Outfitters  |

Nakina's first outpost camp. Established in the 1930s by Big Lindsay Vanderbeck and Emile Cote, it is now run by the Mackies. Northland Outfitters fly in to outpost camps in the bush, arrange canoe trips, and rent canoes, boats, motors and camping supplies.

Southern Skies

| Southern Skies |

Southern Skies is a project undertaken by three men whose collective dream it has been to republish the works of Stephen W. Meader. They have published new editions of eleven of Meader's classics, including Trap-Lines North. See the The Book page on this site for more information or go right to the Southern Skies site.

Canadian Virtual North and Outdoor Post

| Canadian Virtual North and Outdoor Post  |

The Canadian Virtual North is a web site which provides information about travel and activities in Canada. It also provides an Outdoor Post page on which information and messages are posted.