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his it to introduce new Trap-Lines North Message Board for discussion about the book. The new message board replaces the old Comments/Thoughts Discussion page. Hopefully this will make accessing and using this area easier and also allow me to ensure that only appropriate information is entered here. 

Old Discussion Page

What about all that stuff on the old Comments/Thought Discussion page? You can still see it here. You can read all the existing entries, but it is no longer possible to reply to them or to create new ones there. Please make all new entries at the new message board.

New Message Board

There have been some recent changes to the new message board that should make it much easier to access and use:

1. Registration is no longer necessary--anyone can now post messages there. 

2. If you do want to register, the process is easer. 

3. Emails from the forum can now be sent to Hotmail email accounts.

For more details go to the new message board and read the message in the "Read this first" area under "General Information." 

The message board will open in a new window.

If you have any problems or questions about the new discussion board, contact me (Matt).


Thanks to everyone for all the great information that has been shared in the past. I look forward to hearing from you at the new message board!