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his page contains information about unique features of different editions and printings. It also shows some unique markings that some readers have found in specific copies.

Hand Written Notes - 1945 Edition

Scott, a frequent contributor here, found a 1945 edition of Trap-Lines North for sale on EBay. The description for the auction said there are handwritten notes on the cover page made by the book's original owner, who had been a client of the Vanderbeck family starting in 1944. The text from that EBay ad is below. 

"Up for auction we have a wonderful true outdoor adventure book. The title page reads as follows-

TRAP - LINES NORTH, A True Story of the Canadian Woods by STEPHEN W. MEADER illustrated. Published by DODD, MEAD AND COMPANY NEW YORK 1945

'I bought this book from the estate of L. F. Baldwin of Eaton Rapids, Mi. Lynn Baldwin was an avid outdoorsman who actually hunted, fished, and was guided by the main characters in this book. He made the following notes on the cover page.

'Joe leak is actually Tom Spence. Mr. Vanderbeck was dead in 1944.& Mrs. Vanderbeck married Emile Cote. All other characters in this book are real and I met most of them personally in Sept. 1944. Joe Leak alias Tom Spence was our guide (1945) and Emile Cote and wife (Mrs. Vanderbeck) were our outfitter. We hunted in 1944 & 1945 over the same territory and stayed part of the time in the same cabins. Mrs Vanderbeck (Cote) died in 1950. 1944- Mr. & Mrs. Emile Cots our outfitter & Chas. Mc Grady & Fred Russel our guide on Waba River trip. Mr. & Mrs. Cote our outfitters. Joe Leak - alias Tom Spence and Elizah Baxter our guides down the Downing River to Relief Lake in 1945. Lynn Baldwin'

This copy is in excellent condition except for a 2 1/2" tear of the cover on the edge of the back spine (see photo). What a fabulous piece of history we have here. I have placed a low opening bid price and no reserve price on this book. Thanks for your interest and good luck bidding. "

Julian, who was lucky enough to win the book, furnished these photographs of the actual notes:

1  |  2  |  3

Thanks to Scott and Julian for providing this information.